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Time to add to my dance book library. Mom found these gems for me last weekend.

The book on the right is called Ballet for Beginners and was published in 1951. The pictures and captions inside are hilarious.

The book on the left is called American Modern Dancers and was published in 1965. Stuffed inside was a New York Times article from October 1965 about Martha Graham. #awesome

I love the history of dance. If any of my students want to have a look at these books and the NY Times article, I’ll have them at the desk this week. #history #learning

#dance #marthagraham #modern #ballet #books

Sometimes you see improvements in students over several weeks. Several months. A year or more. Sometimes you see improvement within one class.

This was her first time doing a firebird jump. I took a picture of her first one today. And then I took a picture of her last one at the end of class.

Wonder what it will look like in one year.

#applycorrections #workhard #dance #firebird #jump

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